Fewer trees and higher prices

Fewer trees and higher prices

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Fewer trees and higher prices. Expect to pay more for a Christmas tree this year.

A pine shortage is happening in Tucson and across the nation.

"We are having a tree shortage this year. They are not able to meet our demand. We have tried to go to other growers and they can't meet the demands either," Ashlee Walling with Valley View Holiday Stands said.

Walling's lot off I-10 near Cortaro is not getting some of the most requested pines. "We are seeing a big shortage on our most popular trees the Douglas and the Nobles," she said.

Walling continues, "Less tall trees this year; less trees in general."

Prices across Tucson reflecting the market. "We are seeing about a $10 to $15 difference than last year," Walling said.

Valley View Holiday Stands is expecting a big shipment of tall trees Tuesday.

Meantime Kelly Souer of Brian and Kelly's Christmas Trees is having to raise prices for the first time in 18 years.

"I mean we are increasing prices this year. It's due to supply and demand. We are seeing the increase because in Oregon there is less to go around. So the farmers themselves are increasing prices that just gets funneled down to us," Souer said.

Price tags are higher on a few specific trees.

She said, "It's really just the real full Nobles and the real full Nordmanns about a $10 maybe $15 increase."

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