Emotional reunion for PCSD deputy and the man he saved

Emotional reunion for PCSD deputy and the man he saved

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A Pima County Sheriff's Department deputy and the man he helped save shared an emotional reunion. The pair met for the first time on Thursday, after an October crime spree that spread out for miles across Tucson.

After their highly charged first meeting, Sergeant Kevin Kubitskey and Irving Hernandez finally got a chance to meet face to face at the PCSD training center near I-10 and Rita Road.

"I have been wanting to meet you," said Sgt. Kubitskey.

"And I have been wanting to meet you too. I have wanted to thank you for doing what you did very much. For saving my life, doing what you did, it really means a lot to me," said Hernandez.

Just two months ago they were on opposites ends of a hostage situation on Aviation and 34th Street.

According to Hernandez, the suspect Elijah Jamal Lawrence had him a headlock and aimed a gun at him.

"At that moment I was pretty much yelling at him (Lawrence) don't kill me," said Hernandez. "Do not kill me."

While that was going on, Kubitskey and his team were coming up with a plan to save Hernandez. At one point a decision had to be made, and Kubitskey made it, firing his weapon and hitting Lawrence.

"Probably the hardest choice that I have ever had to make in law enforcement," said Kubitskey. "And it had to be made in a millisecond."

"I just heard a loud noise, I knew it was over," said Hernandez, who still thinks about that day a lot. He said he finds comfort in knowing that he has found new friends and family with Sgt. Kubitskey and his team.

"You can show up at our substation anytime and they will talk to you as long as you want," said Sgt. Kubitskey.

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