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January events at the Tubac Presidio State Historic Park

TUBAC, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Please remember to call ahead for reservations for all programs

Frontier Printing Press Demonstrations – Thursdays, January 4 & 11, & Tuesday, January 9, Time: 11 am – 1 pm
A knowledgeable volunteer demonstrates the Washington Hand Press used to print Arizona’s first newspaper in 1859 and answers questions about hand press printing, type setting, and other aspects of this marvel of industrial engineering. You will get to set type and print small samples to take with you.  Included with park admission: $5 adult, $2 youth 7-13, children free. 

Guided Tour of the Barrio de Tubac Archaeological Site – Wednesday, January 10 & Monday, January 15, 11 am – 1 pm
Special tour by Phil Halpenny and Gwen Griffin of the Spanish colonial archaeological site just south of the Park which preserves the remains of the original Tubac town site, including residence foundations, plaza area, refuse area and partial irrigation ditch. Meet at the Park’s Visitor Center. Tour involves a walk of about 1-1/4 miles. The Archaeological Conservancy protects this site and participants are asked to sign 'An Acknowledgement of Risk Factors' before entering.  Bring water, wear walking shoes, sunscreen and a hat. $10 fee includes all day admission to tour the Presidio Park. Tour limited to 15; reservations encouraged, 520-398-2252 or info@TubacPresidio.org.

Walking Tours of Old Tubac – Saturdays, January 13 & 27, 10 am -12 noon 
Come explore colorful Old Tubac that even some of the locals don’t know about! Guided by Connie Gessler, you’ll discover fascinating facts about the town’s early adobe buildings and learn about Arizona’s first European settlement. Topics like early Native American inhabitants, Spanish explorers, American pioneers, Apache attacks, kidnappings, and other exciting episodes are discussed. Meet at the Park’s Visitor Center. Allow 2 hours for the tour and wear walking shoes, sunscreen and a hat. $10 fee includes all day admission to tour the Presidio Park. Tour limited to 20; reservations requested, 520-398-2252 or info@TubacPresidio.org.  

Book Reading and Signing: Wild Road Home by Christina Nealson, Saturday, January 13, 2 pm
It wasn’t a difficult choice. Following five years on the road Christina Nealson faced an ultimatum: stop traveling or her marriage would end. She had hit her stride during those years, as writing and photography converged with her naturalist self and led her deep into the wild; she wasn’t about to go domestic. Wild Road Home is the story of a courageous unfolding, from the icy waters of Alaska to the warm sands of Mexico; from the arms of guy guides who drink too much to the wild animals and landscapes that inform her spirit. Synchronicity reigns and secrets are revealed on the quest toward home.  A self-proclaimed womad (woman nomad), she has been on the road for fourteen years. $10 fee includes admission to tour the Presidio Park.  Please call 520-398-2252 for reservations or e-mail to info@TubacPresidio.org

Teodoro ‘Ted’ Ramirez Artist-in-Residence Concert Series: Walt Michael - Sunday, January 14, 2 pm 
The Presidio is fortunate to once again host the legendary Walt Michael, Founder and Executive Director of Common Ground on the Hill, live in concert, at the historic schoolhouse in Tubac Presidio Park.  Whether you realize it or not, you have heard Walt's captivating music playing, either watching the Olympics, viewing a PBS program, or during a play on Broadway.  Walt's appearance is a very Special Event in our Teodoro Ted Ramirez Artist-in-Residence concert series. Admission is $20 for adults, free admission for children 14 and under. Seating is limited and reservations are recommended. Please call 520-398-2252. or email info@TubacPresidio.org today!  

Music and Presentation: The Splendid Music of Mexico – Wednesday, January 17, 2 pm
The Tubac Presidio and the Border Community Alliance (BCA) will host Russ and Blyth Carpenter for a lively presentation of multi-media Mexican music you may not have encountered before. Through a combination of video, audio, and live commentary, you will enjoy a surprising range of Mexican music from the urbane melodies of Bolero to the breathtaking virtuosity of Son Jarocho and the authenticity of Son Huasteco. Russ and Blyth will weave this music into the artistic and social history of Mexico and also show how cross-border influences have made the music more durable and enchanting than ever. BCA members $15, non-members $20, children 7-14, $2.  Fee includes admission to tour the Presidio. Seating is limited and reservations are recommended. Please call 520-398-2252.

Chocolate! 1000 Years and Counting – Saturday, January 20, 11 am - 2 pm
Come discover the rich history of chocolate in the Southwest. Taste a cacao bean, learn how the Mayans and pre-Columbian Native Americans prepared their chocolate, and sample the energy drink that fueled the 1774 and 1775 Anza expeditions from Tubac to Alta California. Included with park admission $5 adult, $2 youth, children free. 

The Law in Territorial Arizona - Special Presentation by Jack Lasseter, Saturday, January 20, 2 pm
This is one of Jack’s favorite talks because it tells the story of how this land was acquired from the Mexicans; the Spanish law that came with it and is still with us today; the early counties which included our lost county, Pah-Ute County, which is now that part of Nevada where Las Vegas is located; what the early courts, lawyers and judges were like here on this wild frontier; and some examples of vigilante justice that seem taken right from the silver screen. Wine and hors d'oeuvres will be served.  $15 per lecture.  A portion of the proceeds supports our education and preservation programs.  Please call for reservations and future dates, 520-398-2252 or e-mail info@TubacPresidio.org

Teodoro ‘Ted’ Ramirez Artist-in-Residence Concert Series: Gertie Lopez & the T.O. Boyz  - Sunday, January 21, 2 pm 
The T.O. stands for Tohono O’odham. Gertie and her band play “Waila” music which means “dance” in the Tohono O’odham language. Waila is a lively combination of polka, two step, cumbias, mazurka which is also a two-step type of song, and the famous Kwalya which is like a square dance song.  This band will have you two- stepping in your seats!  Admission is $20 for adults, free admission for children 14 and under. Seating is limited and reservations are recommended. Please call 520-398-2252 or email info@TubacPresidio.org today!  

Presentation: John Ross Browne: Writer and Artist in the Frontier Southwest, by Gil Storms – Saturday, January 27, 2 pm
John Ross Browne was funny, adventurous, and was the most popular travel writer in the United States in the mid-1800’s, especially well-known for his accounts of life in the frontier Southwest. He was an artist as well as a writer, and visited and sketched Tubac in 1864.  Some of the sketches can be seen on banners hanging at the Presidio. Gil Storms taught American literature and writing for twenty-nine years at Miami University (Ohio). He currently lives in Tucson.  He will talk about Browne’s stories and sketches of the beauty and brutality of frontier life as well as his comical view of frontier existence and his own, unlikely position as a writer and artist on the frontier.  $10 fee includes admission to tour the Presidio Park.  Please call for reservations, 520-398-2252 or e-mail to info@TubacPresidio.org

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