Saguaros move to Reid Park, still owe money for Kino Stadium

Saguaros move to Reid Park, still owe money for Kino Stadium

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Home games for the Tucson Saguaros will move from Kino Stadium to a field at Reid Park in Tucson.

The Pecos League team shared the announcement earlier in December and Commissioner Andrew Dunn made it official at an event Friday, December 15 in Tucson.

The Saguaros will play their 2018 home games at field #5 at Reid Park after its first two seasons at Kino.

The team had a couple fewer home games in its second season because of additional teams in the league, according to Kino Sports District Director Reenie Ochoa.

She said her crew was happy to host the Saguaros and their loyal fans. However, the absence of semi-pro baseball won't leave the stadium empty.

Ochoa said there are several high school, college and senior-age baseball leagues interested in playing more games at Kino. She added that the county's letter to the Milwaukee Brewers hoping to encourage the team to relocate its Spring Training games to Kino would have had zero effect on the Saguaros' schedule had the Brewers accepted.

Dunn said he disagrees with the county on the Brewers letter. He says there's no way they could have both played at the stadium.

Kino stadium will continue to have some tenants, but the county is still short on payments. Ochoa said $14,400 owed to the county from the Saguaros' second season has gone to collections.

The Pecos League commissioner said that money came from security and ems charges he never agreed to. He's disputing them.

Finally, Dunn said Reid Park will be a great fit because they can have Sunday home games and kids camps.

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