STORIES OF THE YEAR: No. 5 -- Fire Department captain opens fire at La Encantada

STORIES OF THE YEAR: No. 5 -- Fire Department captain opens fire at La Encantada

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Tucson News Now has crunched the numbers, and looked at the stories that our viewers clicked on the most in 2017. As we countdown to the new year, we are looking at the five stories that got the most attention.

No. 5: Two people were killed in a murder-suicide at a popular restaurant in La Encantada. This was a domestic violence situation. The man who opened fire was a Tucson Fire captain. Fred Bair wounded his ex-wife and killed the man she was with, Eliot Cobb. He then turned the gun on himself.

The following story initially appeared in May:

The Pima County Sheriff's Department released a set of 911 calls and a nearly 300-page report on the deadly shooting at Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, in which a former Tucson Fire captain shot and killed a man and injured his ex-wife.

The PCSD said former Tucson Fire Captain Fred Bair shot and killed Eliot Cobb, before shooting his ex-wife in the leg and turning the gun on himself.

The new reports offer an explanation into why Bair may have opened fire.

According to the reports, Bair's ex-wife told deputies that she and Cobb first bumped into Bair at a restaurant near Firebirds earlier that night.

They got into an argument, so she and Cobb decided to go to Firebirds instead.

A short time later, Bair walked in.

Reports say back in February, Bair allegedly told his ex-wife that if he ever saw her with another man, he would kill him.

Inside Firebirds, she said he asked her if she remembered him saying that.

That's when Bair grabbed Cobb and shot him in the head, before dragging her into the bathroom.

According to reports, a deputy spoke to a woman who was working at the bar the night of the incident and claims she was just a few feet away from Bair when he shot Cobb.

"She described the gun being held to the left temple of the other man's head and she stated just about the time she turned and saw the situation, that was when she saw the guy actually pull the trigger," said a deputy in a written statement.

The reports also said at one point, Bair "was barricaded in one of the bathrooms down the hallway."

"There was quite a lot of blood on the floor in the main handicapped one," wrote a deputy in his written report. "We saw the handgun lying on the floor in one of the stalls and the suspect in the handicapped bathroom stall lying in a pool of blood."

The restaurant re-opened Wednesday, April 19.

The Tucson Fire chief recently released a statement about this incident saying the department will continue to find ways to get involved and help employees during their time of need.

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