Warning about holiday boxes on the curb

Warning about holiday boxes on the curb

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - During this time of year it's at almost every corner, in every neighborhood - a huge TV or computer box just sitting on the curb. They are all empty boxes from gifts received during the holidays.

Tucson police are warning homeowners to be careful, saying these boxes could be a welcome sign for thieves.

According to TPD thieves will drive around neighborhoods specifically looking for these types of boxes, as it gives them information into what residents may possibly have inside their homes.

TPD told Tucson News Now crimes like these during the holidays, are crimes of opportunity.

Here's is an important reminder for homeowners to help protect themselves and their home from thieves - drop off those bigger boxes at a recycling center, there are seven neighborhood recycling center locations across Tucson.

Not able to get to a recycling location quick enough, police say break down the boxes and then place them in a recycling bin.

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