Local trailer park overrun with dozens of stray cats

Local trailer park overrun with dozens of stray cats

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - There are shelters, rescues and adoption groups across southern Arizona.
They take in stray dogs or cats.
But what happens when the animals are all over your neighborhood?

"I mean they are just literally everywhere," an anonymous resident at a mobile home park near Flowing Wells and Prince told Tucson News Now.

It's a feline frenzy within the walls of her home. She said she has seen upwards of 30 cats wandering through the grounds. Some neighbors told TNN there are cats struggling to survive.

"Some of the kittens can't see. Their eyes are all matted," they said.

The woman we spoke with asked to remain anonymous. She's lived in the park for several years, and said this isn't the first time a problem like this has come up.

"I've seen it triple. The cats weren't even that bad when he got rid of them the last time -- the last owner."

While in the neighborhood, TNN also spoke with management. They told TNN the issue stems from a past tenant.

Management with Flamingo Palms Mobile Home Park said, "I noticed all the cats. I came and gave them notices saying you've got to get rid of all the cats. You can't be keeping all these feral cats."

Management has told tenants they're working on the problem, reaching out to local shelters.
Both tenants and management say they hope to get help for the cats, but they're unsure of where to turn.

"We just really need someone with heart and sweat who just really wants to pour it into this situation," said an anonymous resident.

Management said they were told it would cost about $50 for each cat to help them into local shelters.
A price, they said, is too high for them to cover.