Students, teachers remain priorities at Gov. Ducey's State of the State

Students, teachers remain priorities at Gov. Ducey's State of the State
Gov. Ducey talks education in State of the State address. (Source: Tucson News Now)

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - At the forefront of Governor Doug Ducey's State of the State address, students and teachers.

A significant portion of the new budget is expected to be set aside for education. Ducey claims 80 percent will be used to prioritize schools.

Some parents remain skeptical.

"Prove it and we'll see," said José Rivera, parent of a Los Niños Elementary School student.

That sentiment is shared by other parents at Los Niños Elementary School, including Cynthia Kasson. She's had children in the school system for more than a decade.

To her, funding has gotten worse. A lot of it due to a teacher shortage that is plaguing Arizona schools.

"We have children who are struggling and not enough teachers to supply them with the special things they need," Kasson told Tucson News Now.

The shortage is likely due to lack of funding for teachers.

"Our investment is the students and they need to know right now, unfortunately - the pay for a lot of teachers is not reflecting on the work we do," said Los Niños Elementary School teacher, Elizabeth Stevens.

Sunnyside District officials say people starting their careers sometimes make as much as those who have been around for several years.

Many believe hope is on the horizon.

Those with Sunnyside, along with the governor, say they've seen some serious progress. They attribute recent growth to Proposition 123.

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