Governor Ducey to deliver his state of the state address in Tucson

Governor Ducey to deliver his state of the state address in Tucson
Gov. Doug Ducey

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Governor Doug Ducey is coming to Tucson to give his state of the state address.

He's delivering it to a sold-out audience at the Tucson Convention Center late Tuesday morning.

Gov. Ducey spoke in Phoenix Monday where he highlighted the opioid crisis, funding for K-12 education, and decreasing recidivism.

Last June, Governor declared a public health emergency to bring awareness and find solutions to this crisis. He said he was already working to stop doctor shopping and make the drug that stops overdoses readily available.

He said the next step is to hold the people involved accountable; whether they are doctors, manufacturers or drug dealers.

Another important hot topic he will be focusing on is education.

The governor wants to spend tens of millions of dollars In public schools and for teachers. He has pledged to increase spending on K-12 education, above and beyond inflation, every year he's in office.

Later this week he plans to release his budget, which will include an investment to the state's K-12 education.

Also, he is working to prevent people from returning to prison.

He wants to expand second chance centers where inmates are learning life and career skills before they leave prison. He said because of these programs, many inmates are leaving prison with job opportunities, He added here's been a 10 percent d rop in released inmates going back to prison on a technical violation.

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