Businesses ready to cash in as students return from break

Businesses ready to cash in as students return from break

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Businesses near the University of Arizona are excited as students return from winter break for the Spring semester.

Restaurants and shops in areas surrounding the school, like Main Gate Square, depend on students to stay afloat.

The Dutch Eatery and Refuge just opened its doors over the summer. Marcus Van Winden and his wife own the restaurant.

The couple has worked in the hospitality industry for years, but this is the first time running their own business. Being a new restaurant, the couple didn't know what to expect.

They said winter break wasn't a slow as summer break.

"In season, like when the students are coming back we have a 50 percent increase in business because of not just the students… also the professors, the faculty members as well will come over here," Van Widen said.

Although they did see d rop in business, he said tourists and locals kept them busy.

"Winter break was much better than the summer break I can tell you that already. It was not as drastic as I was afraid. Because I got some tourists that were in town exploring the area"

And now that they're back, Van Widen hopes students stop by local mom and pop shops like The Dutch.

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