Locals gather for different approach to Women's March

Locals gather for different approach to Women's March
Source: Tucson News Now

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Tucsonans took a different approach to the annual Women's March in the Old Pueblo. As others walked, chanted, and held up signs around the country, locals gathered for a candlelight vigil.

At the event "A Trillion Acts of Love," attendees were given an opportunity to share how they hope to make a difference in their community during 2018. 

One of events organizers, Sheli Weis told Tucson News Now, "A trillion acts of love spreading out across everyone filtering down through the cracks, making sure nobody is left behind."

Standing in front of a crowd, Harmony Johnson pledged to continue working with the American Cancer Society. She has struggled with cancer herself and hopes to channel her emotions towards the current administration in a different way. 

"Turn that anger into positivity and that's actually when you make the change," Johnson said.

She was one of dozens in Armory Park at the Women's March on Tucson Saturday night hoping to make a change.

Several people brought donations for the Armory Senior Center from hygiene products to clothing.

Organizers said their plan is to make "A Trillion Acts of Love" an organization helping the Tucson community year-round.

On Saturday, they were helping the Armory Senior Center but in the days following, they hope to help others too.

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