Report ranks top 10 jobs for wage growth

Report ranks top 10 jobs for wage growth
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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - According to job site Glassdoor, the annual median base pay in the United States grew 0.9 percent year over year (YOY) in January 2018 to $51,364.

The Glassdoor Local Pay Reports show pay growth ticked down slightly from a revised 1.0 percent growth last month. Pay growth peaked in January 2017 at a revised 3.4 percent.

"Pay growth continues to be slow nationally, up just 0.9 percent from a peak in January 2017 of 3.4 percent. Wage increases especially took a hit in late spring of last year, and they are still recovering. Given steady job growth and a strong labor market, we anticipate wages will rise in the next several months. Our robust economy and healthy labor market provide us with a promising outlook for an increase in wages in the coming year," said Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist of Glassdoor.

Top 10 jobs for fastest wage growth:

  1. Restaurant Cook
  2. Medical Technologist
  3. Delivery Driver
  4. Technical Support
  5. Paralegal
  6. Bank Teller
  7. Sales Representative
  8. Web Developer
  9. Emergency Medical Technician
  10. Warehouse Associate

For more information go online to the Glassdoor Economic Research blog.

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