Tucson hosts Night to Shine event

Tucson hosts Night to Shine event
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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Night to Shine is a night to celebrate people who have special needs (ages 14 and up).

Friday, Feb. 9 was Tucson's Night to Shine event.

"I'm really excited to be here," said Paul Duarte a Night to Shine party goer.

This event was started by the Tim Tebow Foundation about five years ago and they wanted to do a prom that would celebrate people with special needs and just give them a time where they could be celebrated, according to Stacie Mockbee, the Director of Children's Ministries at Catalina Foothills Church, where Friday's event took place.

Having fun was what most party goers were looking forward to.

"I'm looking to have fun and have fun have fun dancing and everything," said Paul.

"Dancing with my girlfriend," said Joseph Paglow. "I mean my friend."

"Seriously life changing it wasn't you didn't have to be forced to have fun it was like you are having fun and you get to meet all these new kids and make a night special for them," said Hannah Mockbee, a volunteer at the event.

This special prom night included a red carpet experience, horse drawn carriage rides, limo rides, being crowned "king" or "queen" for the night and of course, lots of great music and dancing!

"Knowing the struggles that a lot of families go through the things they face and what an important thing it is to have inclusion in our schools in our churches and our communities and that's why we're here tonight," said Mockbee.

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