Ranch Elementary students improve reading skills

Ranch Elementary students improve reading skills

Submitted by Sue Kruse, Principal

SAN TAN VALLEY, AZ (Tucson News Now)

Students at Ranch Elementary School are improving their reading skills through the Wilson Reading System.

This system of instruction was designed for elementary through twelfth grade students, as well as adults, who struggle with the sounds and structure of words. Through this system, students are learning word construction rules as well as developing their listening and reading comprehension skills.

The ten-step Wilson lesson is divided into three parts. In the first section, students are involved in decoding, or segmenting, the sounds in words. Students work on encoding, or spelling words, in the next part of the lesson. The last section focuses on developing reading comprehension.

Kindergarten through second grade students at Ranch Elementary receive instruction using routines and procedures from the lesson to reinforce the Wilson Fundations program taught by their classroom teachers.

Third through sixth grade students, identified as having gaps in decoding and spelling, are taught using all parts of the lesson. The Wilson Reading System has been a very effective tool in helping our readers here at Ranch Elementary School.

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