Clowning around is a lifestyle for this rodeo family

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The rodeo legacy runs deep in the Southwest. The Tucson Rodeo wrapped up on Sunday, but just because the big events are over doesn't mean the lifestyle leaves the family.

Kids often follow in their parent's tracks, some starting small and mutton busting. They work their way up to be tough rodeo riders like mom or dad. Others, like 8-year-old Brock Payne, take a different approach.

"This is one of the funnest things I've ever done," said Payne.

Payne is the smallest rodeo clown you could find at the Fiesta de los Vaqueros.

"It fits his personality. He's kind of a goofball," his father, Jason Payne told Tucson News Now.

Brock lassoed the crowd with his charm. He mastered the look from the denim to the face paint.

It's not his first rodeo.

He started when he was 4, all thanks to his 'Uncle Justin.' Though they're not actually related, just close family friends. None the less, Brock looks up to him.

A rodeo clown himself, Justin Rumford, travels the country and knew little Brock Payne was perfect for the job.

"Little kid with long blonde hair, he's just bouncing all over. I was like aw man, the crowd is going to eat this up," Rumford said.

Rumford has been working the Tucson Rodeo for the last four years.

He and his partner in crime, Brock, don't plan on slowing down or stopping the show anytime soon.

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