Mountain View High School requiring students to have ID visible at all times

Mountain View High School requiring students to have ID visible at all times
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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Many people are concerned about school security in the aftermath of the Florida shooting. Most students carry school-issued identification cards, but now students at Mountain View High School have to wear their IDs.

It has drawn a lot of feedback from students. Some wonder how much of an impact a visible ID will have. Others said they're happy their school is being proactive on safety. Mountain View students took it a step further, wanting to hold each other accountable, and shifted their focus to visibility.

The Marana School District says a student having a school ID on them has always been a requirement.

"It kind of does show that they care about our school and our safety," said Mountain View junior, Isabelle Malone. "People want to feel safe at school and this is a great way to feel safe. You can know who belongs on campus and who doesn't belong on campus."

Other students, like senior Ben Campbell, told Tucson News Now it may not be enough.

"The goal is to make it feel like a safer environment and I don't understand how making us wear our IDs does that, rather than dealing with any other actual problem," he explained.

The small change took effect on Monday, Feb. 26 , students walking around campus with a lanyard hanging from their necks -- their IDs easily seen.

"I just appreciate that the administration is thinking about it but I think there are more effective ways and there should be communication with students about it," said Campbell.

We reached out to other school districts in the Tucson area about their policy. Flowing Wells and Sunnyside require their students to carry their ID on them, but it does not have to be visible at all times.

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