Severe wind, cold temps aren’t stopping a Sierra Vista woman who loves her dog

Severe wind, cold temps aren’t stopping a Sierra Vista woman who loves her dog
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SIERRA VISTA, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A potential dusting of snow is on the horizon in areas of southern Arizona as low as 3,500 feet, so local agencies in Sierra Vista are preparing the area. The Department of Public Works has two trucks of sand ready to cover streets and shaded areas that could become too icy.

"Typically the pavement will retain some warmth to it but in areas where the shade hits the snow and ice will not melt as quickly," Sharon Flissar, Director of Public Works in Sierra Vista, explains.

Sierra Vista Police Department is also preparing for the colder temperatures. They are encouraging drivers to drive cautiously, slowly and to leave for their destination with plenty of extra time.

While the city prepares, one woman says the severe weather isn't bothersome for her. In fact, she says she loves it and there is one place that wind, snow, and rain can't keep her away from, Thompkins Park.

Susie Dombrovskis has lived in Sierra Vista for 15 years. She comes to the dog park with her labradoodle Vietzen 365 days a year, no matter the weather.

"For me I don't care, I love it," she said.

Susie says she has seen all types of weather while in her chair at the dog park, ranging from monsoons to extreme winds. She recalls one time at the park she says was one of the most intense storms.

"One year I couldn't even walk the dog. I was pushed sideways. The dog was pushed sideways!" Susie exclaims.

Regardless of how bad the winds get, Susie says that she and her friends who come to the dog park every day, will still be back the following morning to play yet another game of fetch.

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