Gov. Ducey establishes AZ Cybersecurity Team

Gov. Ducey establishes AZ Cybersecurity Team
Governor Doug Ducey established the Arizona Cybersecurity Team this week after issuing an executive order

PHOENIX (Tucson News Now) - Have no fear, the Arizona Cybersecurity Team is here!

Governor Doug Ducey issued an executive order on Thursday to establish the Arizona Cybersecurity Team (ACT) to help protect Arizonans from cyber attacks.

According to a news release, the cyber security team  will enhance collaboration among government, private sector, law enforcement, non-profit organizations, higher education, and Arizona communities to advise and provide recommendations to the governor.

"ACT will position Arizona to be the forerunner nationally in cybersecurity," said Frank J. Grimmelmann, President and CEO of Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance.

The team will be composed of representatives from more than 17 different departments and organizations including two representatives from Arizona universities, an Arizona member of Congress, a representative from energy or telecommunications, Arizona Department of Homeland Security, and Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs.

The Arizona Department of Administration reports more than 200 brute force attempts per day, 500 Trojan attacks per day, 35,000 malware attacks per month, and 500 SQL injection attacks per month.

Senator John McCain even gave his support for the project by saying, "I want to thank Governor Ducey for his leadership in establishing ACT, which will bring diverse expertise...and train a capable workforce to combat this 21st century challenge."

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