Phase one of construction on the Ajo Way bridge I-19 to be complete Monday

Phase one of construction on the Ajo Way bridge I-19 to be complete Monday
Source: Tucson News Now

TUCSON, ARIZONA - On Monday, March 5, two years of construction on the Ajo Way bridge above Interstate 19 will be complete.

The construction, which is phase one of a two phase project, has been underway since 2016. Construction crews have been working to widen roads, put in new traffic lights, and build a noise wall along both sides of I-19.

It's all part of a plan to replace the old interchange with what's called a Single Point Urban Interchange. The new interchange widens the Ajo Way bridge running over I-19 and features only one, single set of traffic lights. It also adds a noise wall, set to be complete during phase two of the project.

Together both phases of the project cost nearly $70 million. Phase one around $40 million and phase two around $27 million, according to Arizona Department of Transportation officials.

Phase two of the Ajo Way construction project does not have a start date yet, but ADOT says it will include all of the finishing touches for the project, including replacing the Michigan Avenue pedestrian bridge, finishing the noise wall that will run all the way to that same pedestrian bridge, and building the new Rodeo Wash outlet into the Santa Cruz River.

ADOT is advising anyone driving this weekend, and who was planning to take the Ajo Way exit, to use Irvington Road instead.

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