Tucson woman released from hospital after motorcycle ran over rope across the road

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - It's a day Linda Gonzalez, the victim of a serious motorcycle crash, had been awaiting for nearly a month -- the day she could finally leave Banner University Medical Center.

After 24 days spent in a hospital room, she was finally released.

Gonzalez was ripped from her fiance's motorcycle last month after they struck a rope strung across the street while they cruised through the neighborhood. Police have said they believe the rope's placement across the road was intentional.

The happy couple looked past that dark day though to celebrate her homecoming on Saturday.

"The house is smiling again. The house is happy again," said Ron Bondy, her fiance.

As she entered her home for the first time in weeks, she was greeted by her dogs, and her spirits soared as she held her fiance's hand.

Opening up for the first time to Tucson News Now, Gonzalez wrote a note since she is currently unable to speak due to a wired jaw.

The note read, "I want to tell those who did this to please come forward. I have asked God to give them the courage to do so. I've also asked God to keep them safe from harm. If the parents know, then let them show their children it's the right thing to do. Even though it will be hard, tell the parents not to teach their children to be cowards."

The emotional day lead Gonzalez to muster enough strength to utter a single word to describe how she was feeling. "Happy," she said.

Bondy and Gonzalez trust whoever left them like this to do the right thing and turn themselves in.

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