Arizona learners permit test now online

Arizona learners permit test now online
Source: Tucson News Now

PHOENIX, AZ (Tucson News Now) - It's the crucial first step to getting a driver's license as a teenager, the learners permit. Now, instead of waiting in line at the Motor Vehicle Division, beginners can now take the test online.

"This is about customer convenience and doing things in the digital world," said Doug Nick with the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Taking the test online will cost teenagers from 15 to 17-years old $7 for every three tries. Unlike taking the test in person, there are an unlimited number of tries when taking the learners permit test online. ADOT told Tucson News Now that they hope the unlimited tries that come with the online test help students taking the test to learn.

"We want the kids and the adults to learn the rules of the road," Nick explains.

Many people have raised the question of cheating when taking the test at home. Without a supervisor from the MVD or ADOT they feel it would easier to cheat. To troubleshoot that ADOT has a disclaimer at the beginning of the test stating a proctor is required and that proctor must be the test taker's legal guardian.

"The parent is going to affirm that they are proctoring the child," Nick says.

ADOT representatives say that Arizona is one of two states they're aware of that provides the learners permit test online; the other being Florida. They hope that by allowing for an online test opportunity for the learners permit, things will run even smoother at MVD.

In person learners permit tests are still available.

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