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Officials warn 18 states about AZ equine herpes case

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Nevada and Arizona officials are warning horse owners in 18 states after an Arizona Department of Agriculture veterinarian confirmed that a horse that participated in shows in Queen Creek and Las Vegas has been diagnosed with a serious infectious disease.

The Arizona Department of Agriculture announced Monday, March 5, that it had quarantined a cutting horse training facility in northern Maricopa County after confirming a quarter horse gelding was infected with equine herpes virus-1. The horse recently participated in a cutting horse event in Queen Creek (Feb. 21-25) and an earlier event in Las Vegas before showing serious neurological symptoms.

The Arizona Cutting Horse Association is contacting owners of horses at the Queen Creek event.

If you had a horse at the event, you should do the following as outlined on the ACHA website:

Monitor all horses that were at the event.

Obtain and record the body temperatures of all horses on the premises twice daily. Ideally obtain horse’s body temperature first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening and before administering medications which may decrease the body temperature.

Report a fever (any temperature of 101.5°F or greater) to a veterinarian for follow up collection of nasopharyngeal/nasal swabs and blood to test for EHV-1.

Monitor all horses for clinical signs compatible with EHV-1 infection, which include ocular or nasal discharge, limb edema, abortion and neurologic signs such as unsteady gait, weakness, urine dribbling, lack of tail tone and recumbency. Report the observation of any of these signs to the veterinarian designated for follow up collection of nasopharyngeal/nasal swabs and blood sampling to test for EHV-1.

Visit the ACHA website for more information.

Equine herpes is highly contagious but can't spread to humans. An upcoming event in Paso Robles, CA, has been canceled.

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