Festival goers wouldn’t unplug their phones so woman could charge bionic arm

Festival goers wouldn’t unplug their phones so woman could charge bionic arm
Angel Giufria, a bionic advocate and actress, had trouble finding a place to charge her bionic arm at SXSW.

AUSTIN, TX (TUCSON NEWS NOW) - Everyone's arms get tired from time to time, but do yours ever lose power? For one woman, her arm needs to be charged every few hours.

Angel Giuffria, an actress and bionics advocate, recently attended the popular South By Southwest Festival (SXSW) in Austin and encountered an unusual problem.

According to a series of tweets, Giuffria had trouble convincing other festival goers to give up their charging outlets so that she could charge her arm.

"People at this SXSW panel refused to give up charging their phones so I could charge my arm," said Giuffria in a Tweet. "I'm not mad at them though. For all I know, they were confused by the situation since everyone here seems to think my arm is a video game fashion statement."

Giuffria eventually found an outlet and was able to power up her arm for the rest of the day.

The actress said she usually charges her arm next to her phone every night, but like many of us with our devices, forgot to plug it in the night before the festival.

Her bionic limb is manufactured by Arm Dynamics and her hand by Ottobock. The limb takes an average of two hours to charge but can last for up to 20 hours.

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