'Dreamers' respond to Supreme Court refusal to hear case about driver's licenses

'Dreamers' respond to Supreme Court refusal to hear case about driver's licenses
Source: Dario Andrade Mendoza

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The Supreme Court says it will not hear the case from lower courts regarding revoking the ability of DACA recipients to get driver's licenses in Arizona.

The so-called "Dreamers" in Arizona say they think the Supreme Court made the right choice because they feel not having accessing to a drivers license inhibits their rights.

"That's a clear sign right off to many folks not being able to access a basic thing such as being able to drive a car which is a necessity," Dreamer and DACA advocate Dario Andrade Mendoza says of those trying to stop dreamers from getting their license.

Dario knows first-hand what not being able to get a drivers license does to someone. He couldn't get his license when he turned 16 because DACA had not gone into effect yet.

"Knowing that you're not part of society fully. You don't even have the ability to drive. Not that you can't, you just don't have the license to," Dario said of his experience.

The fight over Dreamers getting a drivers license dates to 2012 when DACA first went into effect. Jan Brewer, governor of Arizona at the time, made the initial push to stop Arizona's Dreamers from being able to get a drivers license. Her reasoning: to reduce the risk of licenses being used improperly by Dreamers  to access public benefits. DACA recipients and supporters have continued to challenge Brewer on this and on Monday, March 19, the Supreme Court's decision worked in their favor.

Dario says that he's happy with the Supreme Court's choice not to hear the case, which in turn will continue to allow Dreamers to continue to get their licenses. He says if anything does change in the future he plans to fight it and work for continued support of Dreamers in Arizona and across the U.S.

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