Rabid skunk attacks pets in Mescal

Rabid skunk attacks pets in Mescal
Reports of rabid skunks are on the rise in southeastern Arizona

MESCAL, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Signs of rabies are on the rise in southern Arizona once again.

On March 16, the Cochise County Sheriff's Office was advised of a "skunk versus dog" incident in Mescal.

The dog owner reported that her two dogs were in the backyard when a skunk came inside the fence. One of the dogs was sprayed while the second dog attacked the skunk and bit it repeatedly.

According to a news release, the skunk was still alive when Animal Control arrived, who then prepared it for testing at the state lab.

The testing process indicated a positive result for the rabies virus and both dogs have been quarantined due to not having current rabies vaccinations.

This is the second incident within the last three weeks involving a rabid skunk biting a domesticated animal.

Data from the Arizona Game and Fish Department shows that 23 of the last 27 rabies cases have occurred in southeastern Arizona since January 1.

If you encounter an animal acting strange or hostile, call 623-236-7201

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