Tucson Baptist Church burglarized, thousands of dollars in damages

Tucson Baptist Church burglarized, thousands of dollars in damages
Broken window at the Tucson Baptist Church. (Source: Tucson News Now)

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The Tucson Baptist Church told Tucson News Now thousands of dollars worth of equipment was stolen from their church overnight on Thursday, March 22.

This burglary happened overnight when someone threw a rock through a window to be able to reach in and open the door.

The entire incident left Assistant Pastor Jonathan Armstrong stunned.

"My heart hit the floor when I walked in this morning because I didn't know the extent of the damage," said Armstrong.

The rock was thrown so hard through the door window - it dented the wall across the hall.

The TVs were yanked from the walls, and a sound system and computer were also taken.

Armstrong asked, "Why would you do it to a church? We exist to serve our community."

Those may all be electronic items - but to this church, they represent a little more.

"Because of what they took we won't be able to live stream this week or potentially next week as well," he explained.

Their live streams typically reach thousands worldwide.

Armstrong told us, "We have a lot of people in our church who can't make it out on Sundays or Sunday nights because of age or health reasons - so it's just another avenue for them to be a part of and connected with our church."

Now the church must move on, hoping someone comes forward.

"We're just going to kind of move on and keep doing what we have been doing," he said.

Armstrong said one of the church's biggest concerns is getting their live stream back up and running by Easter Sunday. He told us people from nearly all fifty states and dozens of countries typically tune in.

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