City using online map to keep you updated about projects around Tucson

City using online map to keep you updated about projects around Tucson
(Source: City of Tucson)

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Tucson is making it easier to be informed about your community and your neighborhood.

City leaders have launched the Planning and Development Services Department's Development Activity Map.

Leslie Ethen, special projects coordinator for the department, said this is their way to be more transparent with people who are interested in learning about their community.

The map is filled with dots of various colors representing different types of projects.

There are active projects, including rezoning and demolitions, and projects that are going through public approval, giving residents a chance to weigh in.

People can follow along from the very beginning from when a permit is issued to when the job is complete.

"We wanted people who do not know anything about what's happening on the ground to be able to look at this map and say, 'I want to know what is happening around my home. I want to know what's happening across the street from where I work. There is a building going in and I don't know anything about it'," she said. "That was really the goal here."

This is just the first phase for this map.

Developers are planning to launch a notification system so people can get updates about what's going on around a certain areas.

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