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FAMILY FINDER: Meet Aaron, a 14-year-old with big dreams

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The number of kids in foster care keeps growing here in Southern Arizona.

That's why we're starting Family Finder, a special partnership with Christie's Appliance to help these children.

Every week I will introduce you to a child waiting to be adopted. 

We begin Family Finder with a 14-year-old with big dreams. I want you to meet a teenager with a rare and refreshing attitude. 

Aaron is one motivated young man. "So while I'm getting my barbers associate I can get my lifeguard training too."

Aaron’s youth advocate, Will Savoy, is blown away by his attitude. 

"He's definitely very focused on what he wants to do and where he wants to go in life and how to get there."

Aaron sure does know what he wants and he would love a family that is outgoing. 

"I want to go swimming, go canoeing, different stuff,” said Aaron. 

Aaron has big dreams for the future! He wants to study oceanology. 

"I like mysteries. I like figuring out stuff that's nobody's ever figured out before. I like to think there's something else besides us and figure out what that is.”

Savoy said, "I love his sense of just being inquisitive and wondering hey what's down there, what is this about, how does this work."

Such a motivated young man and Aaron is just getting started.

"He's looking for a family that will allow him some of those freedoms, that will cultivate that adventurous spirit,” said Savoy.

'I just feel motivation because I've gone through a lot of bad stuff in the past and I feel like not everyone can get anywhere in this world but some that want to, have to try to get there,” said Aaron. 

Please help Aaron find a family. If you know anyone who has thought about adopting, please share!

To learn more about adopting Aaron contact Christian Family Care by going HERE. (

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