Stephen Hawking leaves final gift on day of his funeral

Stephen Hawking leaves final gift on day of his funeral
Guests received this note from Hawking's family when they arrived for lunch on Saturday.

CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND (Tucson News Now) - Despite his passing last month, astrophysicist Stephen Hawking left one final gift for the people of Cambridge, England.

As his funeral took place over the weekend, Hawking's family sponsored a large Easter dinner for those in need at Food Cycle Cambridge.

When over 50 hungry guests arrived to the charity, they were welcomed with a hearty meal and cards at each placemat that read, "Today's lunch is a gift from Stephen...from the Hawking family."

Money donated by the Hawkings, "made the room look extra nice and Eastery and enabled the charity to buy treats for diners who often don't have a lot," said Alexis Collis, from Food Cycle in an interview with BBC. "They wanted to do something to support people going through a tough time."

According to their website, Food Cycle is a charity that provides meals to the hungry and lonely. Volunteers have been cooking meals every Saturday at Wesley Methodist Church in Cambridge for eight years.

Stephen Hawking was laid to rest on Saturday in a private funeral with an estimated 500 guests.

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