Ranchers react to President Trump's comments about military on border

Ranchers react to President Trump's comments about military on border
Border fence in Nogales (Source: Tucson News Now)

NOGALES, AZ (Tucson News Now) - On Tuesday, April 3 President Donald Trump announced that he wanted to put the military along the U.S. Mexico border, until his proposed wall is finished. Stating the military along the border would help secure it.

In a press conference on April 4, DHS secretary Kirsten Nielsen announced that Trump will sign a directive to dispatch National Guard troops to the border regions.

Tucson News Now went to Nogales to get reaction from people that live and work along the border. They see what's going on at the border almost each and every day.

Our search lead us to two ranchers with two different outlooks on military patrolling the border.

Both Tony Sedgwick and Ron Fish run ranches west of Nogales.

Ron Fish is a cattle rancher. He runs an 1,800 acre property, with some of his property running right along the border fence.

We broke the news to him about President Trump's plan with the military members. Fish says, he's ok with it, as long as the military is assisting the Border Patrol and maybe doing some surveillance.

However, not all along the border agree.

Tony Sedgwick is another cattle rancher near Nogales.  His family has owned property in the area since 1910, and their current property is over 700 acres.

He feels like the president is using our men and women who serve our country as a photo op, to show the American people that he is protecting the border.

Sedgwick tell us, this is an economic issue and it can't be solved by guns and tanks.

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