Biggest Cyclovia event yet estimates a draw of 40,000 people

Biggest Cyclovia event yet estimates a draw of 40,000 people
Source: Tucson News Now

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - It's a huge draw to the Old Pueblo.

This season's Cyclovia event was called the biggest one yet. Unofficial numbers show upwards of 40,000 people made the trek out, pedaling around Tucson.

At Himmel Park, there was no shortage of things to do. Dancing, acrobatics, rock climbing were just a few.

The many in attendance took in the sights on two wheels. And the event was for everyone.

Arthur Parson, who attended, told Tucson News Now, "Just because you have an injury or physical setback doesn't mean you just stay in the house. You need to get some vitamin D, some sunshine."

Arthur Parson works with the Tucson Lobos. He only has one leg. He spent his Sunday at Cyclovia out in the sun riding his hand cycle. 

People at Cyclovia had the chance to give the hand bikes a try, using their upper body strength, not their legs, to move themselves forward.

Parson told TNN events like this are important to raise awareness for those with disabilities.

"Just see how people get through life and how they operate, deal with their issues," said Parson.

Scott Sawyer, who also attended the event said, "It's just very fun to get out, walk, ride your bike, or skate like we did."

It's a cycle for Scott Sawyer. Twice a year, each time for the last several years, he could be found at the event.

He loves riding through, enjoying the 'car-free, care-free' atmosphere.

"To see what it could be like if we had bikes instead of cars. Do a little bit of shopping, little bit of eating." a big reason he comes out, Sawyer explained.

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