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Happenings in Cochise County

COCHISE COUNTY, AZ (Tucson News Now) -


Should recreational vehicles be allowed as permanent dwellings in Cochise County?
Following regular inquiries from members of the public, the Board of Supervisors discussed the possibility of changing the current Zoning Regulations to provide clarification on the subject.
Under current rules, recreational vehicles are only allowed as dwellings while a home is being constructed, on a temporary basis for guests, in a designated park, or as accessory living quarters used for the ill, elderly or disabled, or their caretakers.
However, the Development Services Department asked the Board at a work session on April 10 to consider allowing recreational vehicles as permanent homes in certain areas – specifically where pre-1976 rehabilitated mobile units are currently permitted. The proposed changes would also require those units to have an approved waste disposal system.
County Planner Peter Gardener said staff regularly receives questions from people confused about the regulations, including snowbirds, full-time residents, and those who want to build a ‘tiny home’.
Supervisor Ann English believes the County should take changing lifestyles into account, but wants to ensure certain conditions are met.
“For the past 10 years or more there has been a general change in this country with the number of seniors who have sold their home and moved into one of these (recreational vehicles),” she said. “They get tired of traveling and want to park it somewhere. We have to be receptive to that.”
Her biggest concern, however, is waste disposal.
“With sanitation we have to be worried about the public in general and that individual. There needs to be a way to dispose of waste,” said English. 
Supervisor Pat Call also expressed concerns about how long a recreational vehicle would be allowed to stay on a site. He does not want dilapidated structures to become an issue and recommended a renewable time limit be considered.
“Recreational vehicles do not last forever,” he said.
Other concerns raised included where recreational vehicles would be allowed to go and whether other people living in the area could provide input on any applications.
Following direction from the Board, Development Services staff will work to provide further clarification on where units could be permitted, whether neighbor approval would be required, and recommendations regarding waste disposal, and safety and site standards.
A proposal will be brought back to the Board for future discussion.


Surplus office equipment no longer needed by Cochise County will now be put to good use by local job seekers.
Up to a dozen computers and two printers will be donated to Arizona@Work – Southeastern Arizona, which provides workforce development services across Cochise, Graham, and Greenlee Counties.
At its regular meeting on April 10, the Board of Supervisors heard the combined value of the equipment, if it was publicly sold at auction, would be approximately $205.
Housing Authority Director Anita Baca, who is the County’s representative to Arizona@Work, asked the Board to donate the equipment, rather than sell it at auction, as allowed under Arizona Revised Statutes.
“A county may dispose of surplus equipment and materials that have little or no value, or that are unauctionable, in any manner authorized by the board,” Baca explained.
The Board agreed the equipment would be better utilized by Arizona@Work and unanimously voted for the donation.
“We have been working with Arizona@Work for many years and we appreciate the work that they do,” said Board chairman Ann English.


A portion of a road near Douglas will be established as a Cochise County highway to help mitigate area flooding issues.
At its regular meeting on April 10, the Board of Supervisors unanimously agreed to accept Linda Vista Lane for paving work and future maintenance.
The private road was originally constructed as part of a wildcat development, but has not been maintained for about 30 years, said Board chairman Ann English.
Damage is caused on an annual basis due to flooding and any storm water not captured by a nearby wash runs along Douglas Avenue and onto Linda Vista Lane.
“This is a place where (flooding) is invading homes,” English said. “Now we can direct it toward the wash.”
It will cost the County between $15,000 and $18,000 to upgrade the road. The Board also heard that local residents had donated their rights of way to allow the County to accept a portion of the road as a maintained highway.


Cochise County is offering its citizens an opportunity to participate in the election process, and to get paid to do it.
The Elections Department is looking for poll workers for both the primary and general elections in August and November this year.
Director Lisa Marra believes the role could be particularly appealing to students.
“This is a great way for young people to get involved in the democratic process and to learn more about how it works and what is involved, especially if they are considering entering the political field,” she said. “It’s a huge civic service to your community, as well as being a lot of fun. And you’ll get paid.”
Poll workers will be stationed at one of the 17 vote centers across the county on August 28 and November 6. They are required to be there for the entire day and, preferably, to work on both election days.
Those who do not want to be at a vote center can also work at the phone bank at the Elections Department in Bisbee to answer calls and questions relating to the election and voting process. Workers are also needed for the early board, which prepares mailed ballots to be counted.
The minimum age to apply is 16 and training is provided through a three-hour class – attendees are paid and mileage is reimbursed.
To find out more and how to apply contact (520) 432 8970.
Elections Department and Recorder’s Office staff will also be available to talk to the public at the upcoming Law Day, being hosted by the Cochise County Superior Court at the Bisbee Courthouse, on May 1.
“We’ll be there to do voter outreach, but also to talk to anyone interested in being a poll worker,” said Marra. “It will also be a good opportunity for residents to check their voter status, to ask questions about the voting process, to register to vote, and to sign up for the permanent early voting list.”

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