Pima Community College to eliminate 6 percent of staff

Pima Community College to eliminate 6 percent of staff

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Pima Community College made some big announcements Friday afternoon about the future of its campus and faculty.

The school announced that it will eliminate roughly 6 percent of its staff, equal to roughly 51 full-time positions, in addition to 10 instructional faculty and three administrative office positions.

"These are difficult decisions," PCC Chancellor Lee Lambert said in a news release. "But, (they are) fully necessary as we restructure to meet the needs of our students and community. We are overstaffed for the college we are today and we must be leaner and more efficient."

PCC also said it may sell or lease out two properties -- its district office at 4905 E. Broadway and the Community Campus at 401 N. Bonita. The school said both properties, which largely house administrative offices, have attracted the interest of potential buyers and tenants.

The college said there is no firm date for these actions but the reorganizations will be completed by October.

The latest round of layoffs are part of Pima's three-year-plan to cut $15 million in spending. They are currently in the second year of the plan.

The college already implemented numerous changes last year, including the elimination of 100 staff positions, largely through attrition, that saved $6 million dollars, according to the administration.

Pima Community College is a Top 20 employer in Southern Arizona (19th in last Star 200 survey), with a total of 2235 employees. They finish just behind Fry's.

The reason for the cuts is because of Arizona's expenditure limitation law, which limits spending on operations by local public entities like PCC.

For the college, the spending limit is based on enrollment. While PCC's enrollment has been up slightly the past two semesters, the spending limit calculation uses an average of the past five years, when the College had its lowest enrollment.

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