United Nitro Funny Car series kicks off at Tucson Dragway

United Nitro Funny Car series kicks off at Tucson Dragway
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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - If you've got the need for speed, wait till you see this.

They are burning some serious rubber at the Tucson Dragway northwest of Vail Friday and Saturday night, as the United Nitro Funny Car series starts its international tour right here in Southern Arizona.

KOLD News 13's Evan Schreiber introduces us to the Dragway's owner, who went behind-the-scenes, before the starting line where the dragway's owner is getting his hands dirty to see the joy at the finish.

This sounds like home. This is the busy working noise of Jim Hughes' childhood.

"From the time the sun comes up to usually the time the sun goes down. I love it," said Hughes.

So why should the man who's known as a big kid around here, treat his adult life any different.

"What I enjoy right now is working on other people's cars, helping them go out, teaching them how to drag race, and get involved in the sport that's been so good to me for 40 years."

A lifetime of racing. Now moving from the drivers seat to the driver's side.

Even with a 30-person team under him on race day, Hughes is about as hands-on as you can be, still getting those same hands as greasy as ever.

So when a big-time race comes roaring into his track, like this weekend's Inaugural United Nitro Funny Car Tour he sees the bright future of his hard labor of love.

"...It's your baby. You're building something then you have to let it go. Then you start over and do another one," said Hughes."It's very rewarding when you see someone that's got the happiness and you can fulfill somebody's dream."

They'll get the yellow and green lights here tonight and tomorrow morning. Catch them all before they race off to Washington and Canada. At the Tucson Dragway, near Houghton and I-10.

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