TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is commentary by Joe Hengemuehler, Vice President and General Manager of KOLD News 13. Viewers with responsible opposing views are welcome to respond by clicking HERE.

As our lawmakers and our teachers are at odds over education funding, a big question is this:  where will we get more money?

The governor says it will come from Arizona's economic growth, but a lot of people are not sure and they are rightly concerned about budget cuts in other areas.

One lawmaker has pitched a one-cent sales tax hike for education, and this may be the answer.

You may remember when former Governor Jan Brewer urged voters to pass a sales tax for schools in 2010, and they did.  Let's face it – we don't like paying higher taxes, but we don't like seeing our schools and teachers underfunded either.

At least let US make the decision and come up with a definite source for the money – rather than relying on uncertain figures.

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