How TUSD plans to handle school when walkout ends

How TUSD plans to handle school when walkout ends
(Source: KOLD News 13)

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - UPDATE: Tucson Unified School District will remain closed on Friday, May 4, according to an announcement on the TUSD website on Thursday, May 3.

Because the budget debate in the Arizona Legislature dragged into Thursday morning, May 3, before Gov. Doug Ducey finally received and signed the bill, teachers who expected to be back in the classroom on Thursday have decided to walk out for yet another day.

Now, many districts are trying to figure out how to recover when it's all over.

Specifically within Tucson Unified School District, officials say that when teachers head back to campus and school is back in session they expect to return to business as usual.

One thing that may change because of the walkout, though, would be contract time. TUSD officials said they may have to add contract time to the school year depending on how long the walkout lasts. Officials said the district will work with employees to see how any extra time will occur.

As far as making up school work that was missed as a result of the walkout, currently in Day 6, district officials said teachers in each class will be the ones making those types of decisions.

While Tucson-area school districts focus on how to handle the aftermath of the walkout, many teachers across Tucson have their eyes set on how to continue to make change in the future.

Amphitheater Public Schools teacher Thomas Holaday said, "We have to remember in November we need to make some changes. If our government does not care about our children like we do, we need to take that over ourselves. We need to do something about it."

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