Students, teachers back in the classroom at Desert View H.S. after walkout

Students, teachers back in the classroom at Desert View H.S. after walkout

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Most teachers in the Sunnyside Unified School District showed up for work following a six-day walkout.

District officials say 87 percent of teachers were back on the job, district wide, but at Desert View High School the number was much higher.

According to the school principal Rosemary Rosa, "130 of our 140 teachers were back in the classroom."

That was a pretty good total for only two hours notice.

"We're very happy to be back," said 21-year vet and Government teacher, Hector Leon. "I'm trying to get my kids ready for finals."

According to Rosa, the students have enough minutes in reserve that they will not need to make up any time "but the teachers will have to make up three days."

The teachers have been promised a 20 percent raise over three years but there are some that are still skeptical. The funding has not been identified except to say it will be paid for with extra state growth and taking money from other programs.

It will be up to the districts to determine who gets raises, how much, and whether the money may go to other pressing needs.

But the hope is, after the walkout, the money goes into the classroom.

"I really hope it does," said David Hunter, a staff member at Desert View. "To restore the budget for the welfare of kids and it comes back to the levels necessary to make our kids safe and educated."

The goal is to maintain the momentum which the teachers have gained during the walkout.

"I think we're only seeing the beginning of this," said Leon. "Going into summer and fall because teachers have a vested interest in this so they're going to get involved here."

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