Community support runs strong at Officer Cordova viewing

Community support runs strong at Officer Cordova viewing

NOGALES, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Just by looking at the parking lot of Nogales High School on Friday night, one thing was evident. There's no shortage of support for the Cordova family and the Nogales Police Department during their tough time.

Hundreds of police officers and community members paid their respects to fallen officer Jesus Cordova on Friday evening.

Every one remained silent as Cordova's family were escorted to the viewing by a parade of flashing lights.

Family friends like Ericka Davila said it's important they come together to remember Cordova and his kind heart.

"He lived and would die for his family. You could just tell he was very generous," she said.

That same kind of generosity runs deep in Nogales. It's been shown all week long since his death last Friday.

Davila has seen that strength firsthand, "The love, you can feel it everywhere. Every one is super supportive." She explained to Tucson News Now, the event leaves a deep scar on the city. "It's very unfortunate. It's just out of nowhere that this happened."

Love for law enforcement, though, runs strong across the country. This weekend officers from around the United States show the thin blue line truly runs thick.

"This officer was killed in Nogales, Arizona but we felt it in Aurora, Colorado," said Aurora Police Department Officer, Aaron Gallagher.

Gallagher said, "The way we have to depend on each other, the way we have to lean on each other. It's not your typical office friendship. It truly is family."

Officers like Gallagher with the Brotherhood for the Fallen travel the country to attend services when their fellow brothers and sisters are killed in the line of duty to prove one point.

"They're not grieving alone. They're not in this alone," he said.

Right now, it's about being there for each other; whether every one knows each other personally or not.

It's what Davila said Cordova would do for any one else, too.

She told TNN, "Truly took pride in his duty, his job to serve the community."

A mass in honor of Officer Cordova is also scheduled for 10 AM on Saturday, May 5 at Nogales High School.

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