SHUT DOWN: Popular Arivaca campground shut down for lack of permits

SHUT DOWN: Popular Arivaca campground shut down for lack of permits
La Siesta Campground shut down

ARIVACA, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A rustic campground outside of the small town of Arivaca with a popular following has been shut down by Pima County for a pack of permits.

La Siesta Campground was shut down after an anonymous tipster alerted county inspectors to the problems.

"We've been at this for six years now, and we've brought in a lot of revenue to the towns people here," says Steve Rendon, the site manager. "We deal with a lot of non-profit groups, including Sisters on the Fly, Wounded Warriors, kids from Fallen Soldiers. This is going to be a big loss for them."

It is also a big loss for Arivaca, a town of barely 700 people. Rendon says the areas few restaurants and shops rely on businesses like his to bring in tourists who spend.

"After our inspection it was determined that they are operating a campground and don't have the appropriate permits," says Thomas Drzazgowski, Pima County's chief zoning inspector. This is includes paving roads, installing handicap parking and conducting an environmental study.

"That is just way out of our league, we can't afford that," says Rendon.

County inspectors are concerned about waste disposal and electricity distribution on site.

"They are going to be subject to our standards," says Drzazgowski.

Rendon and the community who live around and use the campground say they like the rustic, rural feel of the place.

It is something they desperately do not want to lose.

"The county would like to think of us as being an RV resort, when we're just basically a mom and pop, old-fashioned type of campground."

Campground managers say they are weighing their options, while the county tells us they are willing to work together with the owners to come up with a solution.