Burglars hit Tucson Baptist Church again

Burglars hit Tucson Baptist Church again
Source: TNN
Source: TNN

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - It hasn't even been a full two months since the last time Tucson Baptist Church was broken into.

Sometime overnight thieves busted out a side window to make entry into the church.

Last time, a side door was used.

Ada Ousley, who attends Tucson Baptist Church was surprised to hear the news.

"The devil is always busy so, things like that happen. We just have to pray over it," she said.

It was overall an alarming morning for those at the Tucson Baptist Church, heading into Sunday service.

Shattered glass remnants were scattered on the floor of parts of the church, where burglars struck again.

It left the church community awestruck.

"We're trying to help the local neighborhood, and someone would actually stoop to that depth to actually break into a church," said Brent Armstrong, the pastor at Tucson Baptist.

Burglars made away with TVs in the main lobby of the church.

It's not the first time these TVs have gone missing from this lobby, but it's the first time who did it has been caught on camera.

By watching the surveillance video record by Tucson Baptist, one can hear the strength and power used to rip the TVs off of the walls.

"He struggles with it because of the security mechanism there in place, but he used the force of the TV and ripped it right off the wall," Jonathan Armstrong, the assistant pastor said.

The video shows a person wearing a white tank top, khaki shorts, and a red bandana.

In the last five years, Pastor Brent Armstrong told Tucson News Now he thinks they've been burglarized nearly ten times.

It's why when this happened a couple of months ago, and thousands of dollars of equipment was stolen, Jonathan Armstrong said they beefed up security.

"I thought having a security system would have deterred them in the first place. As soon as he walks in, the light shines on him and he knew he was being filmed. I've learned a thief is going to do whatever it takes to steal no matter what means are in place," he said.

Despite the incident, the church keeps on, standing strong together.

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