A lesson in entrepreneurship, young girls work on three businesses

A lesson in entrepreneurship, young girls work on three businesses
Source: TNN

A dollar for a cup of lemonade goes a long way for a few little girls in Picture Rocks. They've taken one business and turned it into another.

"It's really fresh, it's really sweet, and it's perfect," said 11-year-old Leah Mace, who runs a good sales pitch.

She and a few of her friends spend time on the weekends and after school on the corner of Rudasill and Sundown in Picture Rocks.

They flag down cars and sell a cup of that 'perfect prickly pear lemonade' in hopes to make a quick buck.

"It's kind of fun to start your own business and work your way up," Mace explained.

As they wait for the next customer, they get a taste of patience.

Myranda Summerkamp, 12, said, "You just can't give up."

All of the girls are between the ages of 10 and 12, and learning the ways of entrepreneurship.The lemonade stand is just one of their businesses.

It all started when Mace's dad, Chris Carbrey asked the girls if they wanted to pick up his yard for some cash during the teacher walkout. It spread to the neighborhood.

"They used the money they made from the first three houses to go buy their own rakes and their own tools," said Carbrey.

He said their hard work ethic can serve as a lesson for all. "Hopefully it will inspire others to get out there."

Not a dollar goes unspent.

10-year-old Erica Wood told Tucson News Now every last d rop goes towards the community, whether it's back to business or charity. They pick a different one to donate to each week.

"We want to help the community service with bills and stuff," said Wood.

This group learns life skills far beyond their age range. It's a team effort.

"I think they have a future in anything they set their minds to," said Carbrey.

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