How to protect your home from monsoon storms

How to protect your home from monsoon storms
(Source: KOLD News 13)
(Source: KOLD News 13)

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The violent storms during the monsoon can bring lightning, flooding and high winds -- creating the potential to wreak havoc on homes.

Michael Guerrero, is a supervisor with La Cholla Landscaping. He says this is a busy time of year for landscapers as calls increase due to storm damage.

He said there are things residents can do to limit the damage this season.

A big concern, he said, is trees. He suggests residents walk around their property and inspect each tree, especially those close to the house or driveway.

The trees should be thinned out to prevent being pushed around by the high winds.

"Any tree will cause damage if it's not tuned right, if it's not thinned out right. If the branches are too weighted at the end, they'll snap and, again, it can cause damage to cars, buildings, apartments," he said.

Residents may also consider removing trees that are too large and have the potential to fall.

Here are other things to consider to protect your home:

  • Debris: Clear any vegetation or trash away from your home. Guerrero says it not only keeps your yard tidy, but it keeps desert critters away. When the rains roll in, animals like pack rats like to find shelter in debris.
  • Flooding: Guerrero says you should think about areas in your home prone to flooding, especially if you live in a low-lying area. He suggests stocking up on sandbags and creating swells to channel water away from your house.
  • Yard furniture: Tie down items like patio tables or grills or at least have a plan in place. When the high winds ramp up, Guerrero says you don’t want your belongings in your neighbor’s yard.

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