Catalina Foothills School District starts school year with new sports medicine program for students

Catalina Foothills School District starts school year with new sports medicine program for students

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - It's been a busy summer in the Catalina Foothills School District, which has been preparing new programs for students all based around fields in which the students have expressed interest.

The programs vary depending on the students' age. For middle schoolers, the district is offering an orchestra program and Mandarin for students at Orange Grove Middle School, specifically. For high schoolers the orchestra program is available and so is the district's new sports medicine program.

The sports medicine program is starting at Catalina Foothills High School but the district says it's something that could be offered district-wide in the future. It's a two-year pathway program, typically meant for students to enter during their sophomore year. The sports medicine class replaced what was the anatomy class.

The program consists of two classes, Sports Medicine 1 and Sports Medicine 2, each taken over the course of one year. District representatives and the CFHS sports medicine teacher, Lisa Osinga, say that they hope to see the program grow into a three-year pathway, with an internship in the sports medicine field offered to students during the third year. Even as a two year pathway, students will still get some shadowing experience in a real-world setting.

"That's the hope, that they develop enough skill that they can shadow the athletic trainer. Whether it's football games or tennis or cross country, whatever it might be," Osinga said.

District representatives say it has spent about $10,000 on the program so far. That money has gone to preparing a new training room equipped with a treadmill, a heart monitor, a taping table, weights, medicine balls, and much more that's available for the sports medicine students to use for learning and practice.

Those new classroom goodies and the time put in over the past year to get her certification to teach the class that has helped to reinvigorate Osinga's passion for being in the classroom.

"I haven't been this excited to teach in a long time. I love my Anatomy/Physiology class, which is now Sports Medicine 1. I've loved that since I started teaching it. And now that I have this new class I can't even explain," she said.

According to the district, there are around 160 students enrolled in the sports medicine class.

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