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Tucson's Ghost Whisperers

Mark Stine KOLD News 13 Reporter
Posted: 10-28-05

Driving through downtown Tucson, you might not see them, but some people say they do.

"Tucson for some reason seems to be very very active," Amy Allan said.

Active with ghosts lurking in the city.

Allan told KOLD News 13, "We're not ghost hunters, we're not hobbyists. We do this for a living and we do this every single day." These are Tucson's ghost whisperers.

"I'm Amy Allan, I'm a physical medium," Amy said. She claims to communicate with the dead.

Vicky Stoval is a psychic medium. She also says she talks to dead people. "The first time I ever saw one I was very scared, now for me it's almost an everyday experience," Stovall recalled.

And Jo Fontana is a residual psychic and a telepath. She says she can sometimes see ghosts, she just can't hear them.

Amy, Jo and Vicky and a few others make up Lost Souls Paranormal Investigations in Tucson. "We want to help you, we want to find out what's really going on here, we do psychological evaluations, we assess every possibility that's going on in a given situation," Allan said.

The women of Lost Souls say Hollywood makes their profession look much different. Jo Fontana told KOLD, "They put every sensitive into a cookie cutter mold."

These sensitives say they don't fit a mold. Amy says everything is a process and it's not as easy as it looks on TV. "They need to give the audience what they want, which is closure. In one hour, so that's what we have to deal with, that illusion," Allan said.

Amy Allan says the sensitives at Lost Souls are legit. They are put through a vigorous training process before they can work with people. They are trying to break away from sensitive stereotypes. Allan told us, "We don't do things that would equate us or associate us with say the crystal ball, the tarot reading, gypsy type of image."

Lost Souls sensitives have identified some locations, like the train station, Hotel Congress and the nightclub Heart Five, as being active. "Places we have done investigations and our sensitives have picked up on things," Vicky Stovall said.

The sensitives lead ghost tours through downtown Tucson. They say it's an opportunity to share the many secrets they say they've uncovered through their investigations. Allan told KOLD News 13, "It's a very dramatic experience as well as educational, we do throw the serious in there."

You might recognize Amy Allan's name. She was in "A Haunting in Georgia," a Discovery Channel piece where she helped a family find out what was haunting their Southern home.

Amy says there will always be skeptics and christian fundamentalists who believe sensitives are fake or they're being dooped by the devil. "We try to respect everybody's belief system and we're not going to say they're crazy or they're wrong, because really nobody's wrong."

No matter if you believe or not, the number of people wanting to talk and communicate with dead relatives is growing. Amy says there is an easy explanation. "To have someone there in your life and now they're gone and you can't talk to them anymore. So there's the closure issue, you also have the persons mortality issue, is there something more, have they gone somewhere, am I going somewhere." Lost Souls sensitives say if you are struggling with those problems, they are ready to help.

And they hope one day to solve the mystery of why Tucson has so many ghosts. "It's one of the most active locations I've been to and lived in. And there's something to that, and there's a mystery behind it. And we are trying to solve it," Allan told KOLD.

If you would like more information on Lost Souls Paranormal Investigations, click on this link, www.lostsoulspi.com .

Lost Souls Ghost Tours are downtown Tucson every Friday and Saturday night at 6:30pm, 7:00pm, 7:30pm and 8:00pm. Meet in front of Heart Five nightclub 15 minutes before the tour begins. $12 each, cash only, and $10 each in parties of three or more.

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