FBI Agent Arrested On UA Campus

Mark Stine KOLD News 13 Reporter

"I'm completely disgusted. It's really creepy. I use that bathroom all the time."

Lauren Canty's like most students hearing the news for the first time. They just can't believe something like this would happen.

"No, I can't especially on campus, it seems like he almost wanted to get caught, that's kind of strange," Canty explained.

Three weeks ago a man, according to police documents, was caught masturbating in one of the stalls in a women's restroom. Caught when a woman cleaning the bathroom saw him with his pants down.

The female victim left the restroom and called U of A Police. She thought the suspect had left the Union. When officers arrived they brought the victim back inside to the same restroom to investigate. While waiting for the women inside to leave. They reportedly saw the suspect come out of the same women's restroom again.

When the victim identified the man to police they began chasing him through the union and into the nearby parking garage.

The suspect stopped running on the first level of the garage. The officer ordered him to the ground, according to police documents, the suspect didn't comply and the officer had to force him to his knees and cuff him.

The police report reads the suspect identified himself as Ryan Seese and said he was law enforcement with the FBI.

"Nowadays you can't really go around trusting everybody, especially law enforcement as sad as that is," Canty told KOLD.

Police went back to the restroom to gather evidence and reportedly found a tissue wadded up with possible semen on it.

"I don't want it to happen to me no." Roxana Leyba cleaning the same restroom where the exposure took place feels for her co-worker who had to witness it.

"I feel bad because I was thinking about my friend, she's my friend."

But Leyba says the incident doesn't scare her, she believes the police do everything they can to keep the union safe. "Yeah, I feel safe. This place is safe because all the time the police walk around, so it sometimes happens."