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Tucson Celebrates Earth Day


KOLD News 13 Reporter, Suleika Acosta

Saving the planet. It's the topic across the country and in Tucson. From kids learning about recycling and composting....to the government announcing stricter mileage requirements for cars...and the president planting new trees. It's Earth Day.

Alec Celaya's daily commute to work is a little different these days.

"It smells like french fries."

This Tucsonan is talking about his alternative to using diesel fuel.

"It's cleaner, cheaper and I wish there was more of it."

Alec may soon get his wish thanks to Roadrunner Biodiesel Company. They're looking to install more pumps in Tucson where diesel cars and trucks can fill up.

Biodiesel gives off less than half the emissions that petroleum diesel produces.

"If you want to do something good for Pima County air quality, come up here and burn a tank of biodiesel in your car or truck and you'll be contributing to much cleaner air," says Jim Lombard with Roadrunner Biodiesel.

That's because biodiesel is made from oilseed crops.

"Cooking oil is one of the feed stocks that can be used to make biodiesel and then it goes through a refining process much like an oil refinery to turn it into biodiesel which is sold at the pump."  

Right now biodiesel runs about 50 cents cheaper than regular diesel.

Off the road, you can still help the environment by recycling your trash and keeping it out of the landfill. City neighborhood recycling bins are placed all over Tucson where you can drop off things like phonebooks, newspapers and magazines.

"Take it home, put it in your blue barrel or take it to recycling centers because we want to get as much of this out of the waste stream as we can," says Wilson Hughes with City of Tucson Environmental Services.   

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