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10th Anniversary of Pizza Hut Murders

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10 Years ago today two teenagers shot and killed three Pizza Hut workers on Tucson's eastside.

Today, Brent Kyte, the CEO of the Pizza Hut Corporation of Arizona presented a $25,000 check to the group "Homicide Survivors." The group provided extensive support to the victim's families.

The donation was made in honor of the memories of the Bob Curry, James Bloxham and Lisa Moniz.  

The three workers were murdered while closing up for the night at a Pizza Hut location on Broadway and Pantano. That building has since been demolished.

Today, three trees stand near the empty lot, with names Bob, James and Lisa.  The family of James Bloxham were among those at today's event.

Dan and Barbara Bloxham say they're grateful to Homicide Survivors for standing by them.  And today's donation was made because the organization is suffering from a state budget cut of 20%.   

Barbara Bloxham, "Homicide survivors is here for you emotionally... Just to sit next to you in the courtroom is something people don't understand how important that is." 

Christopher Bo Huerstel and Kajornsack Tom Prasertphong are currently serving time for the murders.

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