Increase in 911 call taker retention

Increase in 911 call taker retention

Pfizer settles New York probe into 'deceptive' copay coupons

Pfizer Inc in October settled charges by New York’s attorney general that it misled consumers in its drug copayment coupon program.

2020 walking or running mate? Former Vice President Joe Biden adopts German Shepherd from animal she

Is Major going to land in the White House?

California wildfire victims set up campground in Walmart parking lot

At least 75 people have been killed and another 1,000 are missing as a result of the fires.

Cat rescued from chimney after being trapped for four days

Marble was found safe, sound and covered in soot.

Couple has 2 babies three weeks apart

James and Andrea Valentine welcomed two children from two different wombs.

'Two-headed' deer shot in Ballard County, KY

'Two-headed' deer shot in Ballard County, KY

Mighty Wurlitzer theater organ making comeback at Fox

Man steals own vehicle from police impound lot

Police were able to retrieve the car but not the gun inside the vehicle. The man will face additional charges.

Orange, black and blue: Woman hit, injured after pumpkin thrown from overpass shatters windshield

Susan Brown said she’s still picking glass from her wounds. Police are searching for those involved.

Troops on the border - help with barbed wire and barriers

Couple, homeless man charged in charitable scam

The feelgood GoFundMe story about a New Jersey couple and a homeless man was an elaborate scam.

Community helps ailing grandmother with trip to Disney World

Linda Young has an aggressive form of lung cancer. Her wish was to spend time with her grandchildren at Disney World. Chris and Corey Gamble made it possible.

APP EXTRA: Tucson's Recycling Problem

Mercy Meow: Police officer saves, adopts ‘bait’ cat used for dog fighting

Lt. Andy Simmons has a very interesting police partner.

Babo Fire update, 10 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 14

Babo Fire update, 10 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 14

More than 100 remain missing in California wildfires

In northern California, the Butte County Sheriff's Department will begin taking DNA samples from people who are missing a family member.


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