Lives saved: Tucson-area fire crews called out for swift-water rescues during monsoon

Monsoon 2018 is officially over and Tucson News Now is getting a look at just how many times first responders had to perform swift-water rescues, in effect saving lives.

Tucsonans harvesting rainwater for future use

Tucson city leaders will get an update this week on a plan approved in 2017 to set aside $300,000 to help pay for a low income rainwater harvesting program.

First Alert Action Days: Monsoon storms bring below-average temperatures to southern AZ

Storms will begin to develop near the border in Cochise and Santa Cruz counties early Wednesday morning and become more widespread just before noon.

Nogales wash damaged during Thursday’s heavy rain

Heavy rains and a strong current damaged a concrete barrier in the Nogales wash Thursday. A large portion of the concrete bank protection failed and broke free as the water levels rose in the wash with the continuous rain.

Man dies after car gets stuck in flooded wash in Cochise County

Authorities in Cochise County say a 77-year-old man has died after the car he was driving got stuck in flooded wash.

State of emergency declared for Mammoth after storm damage

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has declared a state of emergency for Mammoth after monsoon rains damaged roadways and affected the small town's potable water system.

Monsoon storms means uptick in mosquitoes

An increase in monsoon storms means mosquitoes are becoming more active. Homeowner Vanesa Hartley said she doesn't have any issues with the pests because she takes extra precautions around her home.

Woman rescued from car stuck in wash west of Tucson

According to a spokesman from the Avra Valley Fire District, rescuers found the woman in her 50s standing on the vehicle near West Manville and North Reservation roads.