Shutdown not slowing down operations at Tucson International Airport

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - With long lines and security concerns at the some of the country’s largest airports during the government shutdown, travelers through Tucson aren’t seeing any issues.

TSA employees were standing by for travelers at Gate B in Tucson International Airport Wednesday. With no lines or long wait times, the only delay is with the federal workers' paychecks.

“They’re going to work and doing their job," said a former TSA employee, who asked to remain anonymous due to her current job. Her husband is an agent at TUS.

“We were okay in the beginning because he said, you know we’ve been through this before, but as it goes on, we’re starting to get a little worried," she said.

Her husband has been an agent for more than 15 years, so the couple has worked through a shutdown before. But, now on the 26th day, this one feels different.

“Yes. It didn’t last long and that’s what he said this time - oh, it’s not going to last long, but it has," the woman told Tucson News Now.

The government shutdown has not significantly impacted TSA security at TUS but passengers are encouraged to plan for...

Posted by Tucson International Airport - TUS on Wednesday, January 16, 2019

“We have a lot of employees, FAA controllers, Customs and Border Patrol, we are a port of entry and do 24/7 clearance and then of course TSA," said Bonnie Allin, President and CEO of the Tucson Airport Authority.

“They have not let us down, they are taking care of our customers, so we greatly appreciate it," Allin said.

In a Facebook post today, Tucson International Airport said passengers are encouraged to plan for unanticipated delays.

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